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While global business world is very large, it is also considerably complex. No matter how good a product or service, and no matter how much it might be in demand, a growing maze of languages, laws and cultures stands between the manufacturer and buyers in the international markets

Blimpex Global Areas

We provide you business development, consulting for execution, arranging funds for your projects and nothing is impossible in our relentless pursuit of excellence in client satisfaction…


Infrastructure is the key stone that sets the path to the growth eninges of any country. BLI makes it happen...

Bank And Financial

Funding is the fuel that drives the growth engines of a nation. BLI generates innovating funding methods to make projects happen...

Clean Energy

Clean and sustainable energy is always the right way to go. BLI arranges energy security through the right linkages and management.


BLI can source anything across the world. And when its impossible, if price is not a major concern, .BLI makes it possible...

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Global Outreach

We find markets for your products, your service, your expertise or your technology. We identify potential buyers in those markets and help you through every stage of the business process, from initial contact to the ultimate sale and beyond.

Why Choose Blimpex

WE reach out to seemingly impossible arenas to make your business happen..

Experienced Team

Our key strength, aside from our experience is a vast network of associates whose professional skills are critical to success in international markets. We weave those skills into your marketing program on an as-required basis providing you with a full, single-source global marketing service that is highly cost-efficient. We can rapidly call on the expertise of top-consultants, capable local partners, finance institutions, customs brokers, freight forwarders, insurance companies, management consultants and others..

Best Case Stratergy

Engaging the best of local partners strengths applied with our expertise and associations, we are able to suggest the best option from an evaluated set to assist your decision matrix.

Review & Reorient

Constant close support follow up and timely interventions for course correction allows a real time mapping of targets.

Blimpex HQ : Accra Ghana

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